Nebraska Medicine - Outpatient Expansion

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Nebraska Medicine is world renowned for excellence, innovation and quality patient care. But we are transforming the way we deliver that patient care. Because your health care should be about you.

Today, Nebraska Medicine Clinics include more than 450 doctors, in 50 specialties and sub-specialties, who are dedicated to educating our future clinicians; conducting cutting edge research; and providing the highest level of patient care. Many of our physicians offer lifesaving treatments and services not found elsewhere in Nebraska.

Committed to delivering personalized care in a convenient environment, Nebraska Medicine has embarked on two major expansion projects that will transform operations and vastly improve the patient experience at campuses across the Metro area.


What does this mean for patients?

Better Service

More than amenities, Lauritzen Outpatient Center & Fritch Surgery Center and The Village Pointe Outpatient Surgery Center will transform the delivery of care. Patient experience improvements will be noticed from the parking lot, to the waiting room, to the quality of time spent with your doctor.

Every process will be streamlined and every detail executed with the patient experience in mind.

What does this mean for patients?

Fewer repeat visits, improved customer experience, higher quality services and overall better health.

Better Convenience

On a mission to deliver personalized care in a convenient environment, Nebraska Medicine has embarked on two major expansion projects that will transform operations and vastly improve the patient experience at the main midtown campus as well as the Village Pointe Medical Center campus.

Why midtown?

The Lauritzen Outpatient Center & Fritch Surgery Center will provide the optimal experience for each patient and offer the right care, in the right place, at the right time, with the right quality at the right cost. This investment will improve the patient experience and foster loyalty by providing a consistent standard of quality and service. Campus operations will improve while allowing key adjacencies for inpatient surgical specialties. The new facility will increase accessibility by allowing a higher rate of patient admittance while reducing the amount of re-admissions.

Why Village Pointe Medical Center?

More than ever, the suburban population is utilizing services at Nebraska Medicine. In ten years, the west Omaha customer base is projected to increase by as much as 25 percent in some service areas. And the population is growing.

As part of the effort to improve the patient experience, it is important to offer outpatient services closer to home. Creating a convenient, multi-specialty outpatient center shifts appropriate volumes back into the community, improve operations and relieve congestion on the main campus.

Better Outcomes

Nebraska Medicine is entering a transformational era.

On a continual quest to provide optimum health care to patients, the hospital is developing a campus-wide, integrated network of services meant to improve the patient outcome and experience. Our services are aligned to meet the specific needs of our Midwest region and our goal is to manage and coordinate the health and wellness of the patient populations we serve.